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7 Reasons Why IT Support Services Are Crucial for Businesses to Succeed

According to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for IT support specialists is set to rise by 10 percent between 2018 and 2028. Reliable IT support services help organizations stay updated with technological trends and focus on business strategies for better outcomes. Outdated systems can leave your entire IT infrastructure vulnerable to…
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Remote Office

Overcoming COVID-19: 5 Steps to Set up a Secure Remote Office in Calgary & Area

Given the current COVID-19 situation, almost all businesses have been forced to embrace remote work. It can be perplexing for business owners as well as employees who are used to working full-time in the regular office environment to suddenly operate from a remote office. Any experienced IT company or an IT professional from your office…
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4 Ways to Make Remote Work Productive During a Global Pandemic

As COVID-19 spreads, many schools and businesses are transitioning to “remote work” situations to avoid large gatherings of people. Some big businesses, like Fortune and Google, are closing offices to protect their employees and slow down the virus’s spread.  If you’re facing a potential work-from-home period, and your business isn’t used to functioning outside of the office, you’re…
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IT Budgeting

The Top 3 Reasons Why IT Budgeting is Critical to Your Firm’s Success

Somehow, December is upon us yet again, which can only mean one thing: a lot of businesses out there are currently trying to figure out how to hit the ground running as we move into 2020 in just a few short weeks. Not too long ago, I sat down with a fairly new client of…
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outdated technology

The Cost of Outdated Technology for Your Business

At Frontier Solutions, we work with many SMBs, legal firms, and accounting firms who are struggling under the weight of their old technology. The higher intensity an industry is, the less likely a business is to maintain its technology solutions. Unfortunately, this also causes problems for the business: without the right technology, it’s easy for…
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