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Supporting Calgary's Law Firms with Managed Services & IT Support

At Frontier Solutions, we understand exactly how important technology is to the core of what a law firm offers to their clients. Technology is not only a key to gaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace, but a well-planned "digital transformation" is also a key to bringing your firm into the 21st century where it belongs.

This is why, whether you're looking to explore what’s new and possible with legal specific business applications, are looking to get a better value out of your IT support budget by employing a virtual CTO, or are simply concerned about cyber security and don’t know where to go, you just found the managed IT services partner that your Calgary law firm has been looking for.

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Why IT Support & Managed IT Services

Why are IT Support & Managed IT Services Mission Critical for Law Firms?

As a law firm, you clearly understand the value of your own time, as well as that of your employees - which means that any downtime where you can’t be doing the work that your clients count on has an explicit cost tied to it. Not only does downtime cause significant stress on employees who now have even more work piled on them from before, but it also damages your bottom line. This is why we make sure that the technology that supports your firm is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no exceptions.

For law firms, the benefits of IT support and managed IT services are as critical as they are plentiful:
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Security & Protection

Only managed IT services give your law firm the IT support, security and protection it needs to remain productive and compliant at the exact same time.

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Minimizing Downtime

If your infrastructure were to go offline even for an hour, think about everything you would lose in terms of productivity, collaboration and communication. A dependable IT support and  Managed IT services help prevent that from happening.

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True Mobility

Speaking of productivity, reliable IT support and managed IT services allow your people to finally work from anywhere - they can be just as productive at home or at the court house as they can be in the comfort of their own office.

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Our Clients

We Support over 30 of Calgary’s Most Respected Firms

There’s a reason our clients view us as extensions of their own firms. Lonny, a partner at Balbi & Company Legal Centre, one of Calgary’s leading family law firms, shared his experience of working with the team at Frontier Solutions:

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"I have been working with Terry Rowsell and his excellent team at Frontier Solutions for years. Frontier is the go-to IT firm for lawyers in Alberta. I was particularly drawn to the package of Managed IT services, which provided us with quick response to our technical needs, for a low-cost, pre-determined monthly budget. My staff all agree with me when we say we are very pleased with the IT solutions provided by Frontier."

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Law Firm Management Software

Most likely, your law firm is employing some form of firm management software. At Frontier Solutions, with over 23 years’ experience supporting the technology needs of Law Firms all over Calgary, there’s a good chance that we’ll have experience in your current platform. Even more than that, we’ll be able to provide insights on how you might be able to leverage your firm management software even better, saving you time and money in the process.

Here are just a few of the law firm management software that we have experience supporting:
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Are you ready to move to an IT support provider that really understands your law firm?

Schedule your 15 minute conversation with our lead IT strategist, Chantale Benoit.