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Supporting Calgary's Businesses with Cyber Security Services

Modern organizations need to offer unhindered access to users 24/7 while ensuring that their systems and networks are secure. To this end, it is crucial that they not only identify and eliminate cybersecurity threats, but also get to their root cause, and put all necessary safeguards in place. 

As a seasoned IT service company, Frontier Solutions takes cyber threats and security very seriously. This is the reason why we work persistently to assess your security landscape and figure out ways to fortify it. We ensure to evaluate your existing IT infrastructure to detect loopholes and secure all access points to prevent unauthorized contact from internal and external threats.  

Thanks to our vast industry experience, we know what goes into reinforcing your IT environment. We will enhance your security framework and build an infrastructure that your employees will be able to operate easily and securely.

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Why Cyber Security Services

Securing your IT infrastructure is critical to minimizing risks, lowering downtime, and ensuring the smooth functioning of your business operations. We will help you achieve all these goals and more through our services.

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Risk Assessment

Our IT support experts dedicatedly stay abreast of the latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and proactively devise the necessary preventive measures. Whether the threat is internal or external, we will provide continued detection, protection, recovery, and remediation through our services.

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Gather and store your sensitive financial and customer data with the confidence that it is safe and secure from malicious intents. We take the necessary steps ensure that only those with the right credentials and authorizations can access your data.

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Cloud Security

A complex job such as secure cloud migration and data storage needs considerable experience and expertise. The IT services team at Frontier Solutions is equipped with both, enabling optimal cloud protection.

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Network and System Security

We shield your internet and intranet from internal as well as outside cybersecurity vulnerabilities before an intruder can infiltrate your network or computer system. With our skilled IT team on the job, you can rest assured that your complete IT infrastructure is up and running while being well-maintained and secure.

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Governance and Compliance

Implementing technical controls entails adhering to national and industrial governance, standardizations, and compliance. Our cybersecurity programs take cognizance of this and incorporate these concerns into every cybersecurity plan.

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Our Clients

We Support over 30 of Calgary’s Most Respected Firm

There’s a reason our clients view us as extensions of their own firms. Lonny, a partner at Balbi & Company Legal Centre, one of Calgary’s leading family law firms, shared his experience of working with the team at Frontier Solutions:

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"I have been working with Terry Rowsell and his excellent team at Frontier Solutions for years. Frontier is the go-to IT firm for lawyers in Alberta. I was particularly drawn to the package of Managed IT services, which provided us with quick response to our technical needs, for a low-cost, pre-determined monthly budget. My staff all agree with me when we say we are very pleased with the IT solutions provided by Frontier."

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Are you ready to move to an IT provider that really understands your law firm?

Schedule your 15 minute conversation with our lead IT strategist, Chantale Benoit.