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Accurate IT Consulting for Your Business in Calgary

You don’t need a cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill IT company. You need technology solutions that suit your specific goals, needs, and wants. At Frontier Solutions, we’re all about customization. We create IT support plans for Calgary businesses, and each one is unique.  

Calgary has become a hub for tech companies - and we’re helping them achieve new heights with unparalleled support. Whether you need help with cloud migrations or system automation, we’re your team. Allow us to integrate the latest and greatest technology into your workplace. 

To find out what we can do for your company, speak with one of our experienced IT consultants. We’ll help you build an IT budget, empower your tech team, and give you the guidance you need to succeed. 

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Why IT Consulting Services?

Managed IT services without purpose is like coffee with too much sugar - weak. You need a plan of action for budgeting and implementing new technology. That’s where IT consulting comes into play.

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IT Strategy and Planning

All of our strategies and advice are highly personalized. We empower your team to use technology for the overall benefit of your organization specifically. We’ll devise a plan to continually update your tech components and resolve issues before they turn into crises. 

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Information Technology Advisory

Our IT services experts calibrate your goals and technology to give you a competitive edge. We advise, provide accurate IT consulting, but we also push you toward a better and brighter future.

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Infrastructure Optimization

We assess your existing tech environment and optimize your IT infrastructure design. Even more importantly, our experts provide your team with a roadmap to more efficient workflows and proactive cybersecurity protocols. 

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Our Clients

We Support over 30 of Calgary’s Most Respected Firm

There’s a reason our clients view us as extensions of their own firms. Lonny, a partner at Balbi & Company Legal Centre, one of Calgary’s leading family law firms, shared his experience of working with the team at Frontier Solutions:

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"I have been working with Terry Rowsell and his excellent team at Frontier Solutions for years. Frontier is the go-to IT firm for lawyers in Alberta. I was particularly drawn to the package of Managed IT services, which provided us with quick response to our technical needs, for a low-cost, pre-determined monthly budget. My staff all agree with me when we say we are very pleased with the IT solutions provided by Frontier."

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Are you ready to move to an IT consultant that really understands your business? Let’s talk.

Schedule a strategy call today to learn all about Frontier Solutions IT consulting in Calgary. We look forward to helping your business change for the better.