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Supporting Calgary's Businesses with Executive IT Consulting Services

With a plethora of IT services and technology solutions available out there, it can be puzzling to choose an option that best suits your unique business needs. At Frontier Solutions, we use our expertise to create IT plans and solutions that help resolve your challenges.

The modern business IT landscapes are greatly influenced by disruptive technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, and more. Integrating these in your business model to drive competitive advantage is imperative. 

We will help you better understand these emerging technologies and take a strategic approach to adopt them, thereby strengthening your IT support.

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Why Executive IT Consulting Services

As your managed services provider, we will be your reliable ally in planning, budgeting, and implementing new technologies. This, in turn, will result in a lowered need for reactive support and better cost-effectiveness.

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IT Strategy and Planning

Through our customized strategic advisory, we will empower you to leverage technology and employ modernized solutions to resolve complex business IT challenges.

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Information Technology Advisory

You will have our complete support in achieving desirable results through better calibration of goals and the use of information technology to attain a competitive advantage.

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Infrastructure Optimization

We will help you build your IT vision by performing a thorough assessment of your existing IT environment, based on which we will create an optimal IT infrastructure design. Providing technology roadmap and recommendations is also one of the many mainstays of our IT service company.

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Our Clients

We Support over 30 of Calgary’s Most Respected Firm

There’s a reason our clients view us as extensions of their own firms. Lonny, a partner at Balbi & Company Legal Centre, one of Calgary’s leading family law firms, shared his experience of working with the team at Frontier Solutions:

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"I have been working with Terry Rowsell and his excellent team at Frontier Solutions for years. Frontier is the go-to IT firm for lawyers in Alberta. I was particularly drawn to the package of Managed IT services, which provided us with quick response to our technical needs, for a low-cost, pre-determined monthly budget. My staff all agree with me when we say we are very pleased with the IT solutions provided by Frontier."

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Are you ready to move to an IT provider that really understands your law firm?

Schedule your 15 minute conversation with our lead IT strategist, Chantale Benoit.