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Calgary Law Practices & Accounting Firms Require Different IT Support Today

You need to do more than pitch your legal and financial services. Your clients want to know how their sensitive information will be protected and if you are up-to-date with technology trends that can affect their business. Serving Calgary since 1995, Frontier Solutions will help you stay competitive in today's digital landscape without the risks or costs.




Get the right processes in place so your clients have the most confidence and protection against cyberattacks. We follow the latest best practices and standards.



Store your data, protect it and increase productivity. Saves costs with cloud-based document management, practice management and automated backups.



We are "Software Agnostic" which means we know, when it comes to software, one size does not fit all. We can integrate any product for your industry.

40% of firms did not know they were breached in 2016

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