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Why You Need Onboarding Software

So you’ve managed to hire an experienced and skilled new staff member. Are you sure you can keep them around? It all starts with your onboarding… Employee Retention Stars On Day #1 The onboarding process is an integral part of the employee life cycle. It sets the tone for a successful relationship between employer and…
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Hiring Crisis: 3 Lessons To Learn While Growing Your Staff

Hiring Crisis: 3 Lessons To Learn While Growing Your Staff Amid a nationwide hiring crisis, it’s never been more difficult to recruit and retain quality team members. Consider the top three lessons we’ve learned over the past three years to better manage the new hires you bring into your company.  How To Find & Hire…
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What is IT Support? Everything Calgary Businesses Need to Know

A well-managed IT infrastructure plays a critical role in the success of any business, big or small. The right technology enables companies to streamline their operations, keep up with the competition, and continuously grow. Yet, IT trends are complex and ever-changing. As a result, it can be overwhelming for small to mid-sized businesses to independently…
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The importance of IT support for small businesses in Calgary, Alberta. We will do this by discussing why businesses need IT support, the services/qualities they should look for, and the red flags to avoid.

Calgary IT Consulting: How to Choose an IT Consultant

Every business uses IT in some capacity to manage their products, offer services, or run their internal business operations. Technology has revolutionized the way we all live, and yet. it’s not always as simple as downloading an app or restarting your computer. Technology comes with its challenges, such as cyberattacks, failures, and disruptions. If you…
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A guide for the selection of the most suitable managed services provider in Calgary.

Calgary Managed Services Providers – What to Look for When Choosing an MSP

Calgary is among the most conducive destinations for starting a business. Findings suggest that the Calgary Economic Development and the University of Calgary are taking all necessary measures to turn the city into one of the most attractive destinations for tech companies. This, however, means that competition in Calgary’s business scene will heat up. In…
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