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Don’t Let IT Downtime Hamper Your IT Productivity

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in - a downed IT system equates to lost productivity and revenue. You need an IT support team that’s there for you both before and after your IT stops working. The more you can avoid frustrating, uphill battles with your technology, the smoother daily operations will be for everyone. 

At Frontier Solutions, our entire IT service business model revolves around making your life easier. Our proven support ensures technology works as it should - while protecting your Calgary business from online threats and malicious attacks. We’ll give you a leg up on competitors with a system that really works - all day, every day. 

Whether you’re looking for immediate emergency services or ongoing IT maintenance, we’re your team. Contact us to talk about revolutionizing the way you deal with technology.

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Why Outsource On-site IT Support to Us?

Securing your IT infrastructure is critical to minimizing risks, lowering downtime, and ensuring the smooth functioning of your business operations. We will help you achieve all these goals and more through our services.

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Risk Assessment

IT Security threats and challenges are always evolving. That’s why we assess every vulnerability in your business from the get-go. With our team of cybersecurity services experts, every internal and external threat is observed from a mile away. We’ll handle detection, protection, and if necessary, recovery.

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Frontier Solutions ensures that every piece of sensitive information is properly protected. From financial records to important customer data, all of your files are kept safe from malicious intent. We’ll set up special authorizations for your team members to minimize the risk of hacks and breaches.

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Cloud Security

Ready to make the switch to the cloud? Allow us to seamlessly transfer your data and functionality. We’ll keep your downtime minimal and safeguard against any potential data loss during the transition. Frontier Solutions allow you to access your most important work anytime, anywhere.

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Network and System Security

The best way to avoid the latest cyber threats? Always stay one step ahead of the criminals. Our managed IT services are set up to detect and mitigate security risks before they can wreak havoc. Never worry about network breaches or malicious scams again.

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Governance and Compliance

Is your team versed in the latest government regulations on cloud data protection? Ours is - and we’re here to ensure your business abides by the most recent national and industrial standards. Upload your data to the cloud without worrying that you’ll incur fines or penalties.

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Our Clients

We Support over 30 of Calgary’s Most Respected Firm

There’s a reason our clients view us as extensions of their own firms. Lonny, a partner at Balbi & Company Legal Centre, one of Calgary’s leading family law firms, shared his experience of working with the team at Frontier Solutions:

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"I have been working with Terry Rowsell and his excellent team at Frontier Solutions for years. Frontier is the go-to IT firm for lawyers in Alberta. I was particularly drawn to the package of Managed IT services, which provided us with quick response to our technical needs, for a low-cost, pre-determined monthly budget. My staff all agree with me when we say we are very pleased with the IT solutions provided by Frontier."

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Meet your extended IT department for strong support. Connect now.

Keeping up with IT updates and maintenance is a full-time job - one that many small to mid-sized businesses can’t always handle on a day-to-day basis. We’re here to shoulder the burden so that your team can focus more on business growth, values, and revenue. Stay competitive with an IT team that spots problems before you even notice them. 

Are you ready to make the leap to better outsourced IT support in Calgary? Give us a call at 403-251-4402 or reach out online. It’s never too late (or too early) to revolutionize the way you incorporate technology into your business.