When Disaster Strikes – What is Your IT Support Backup Plan?


When disaster strikes, it is essential for your business to be able to recover IT systems as quickly as possible. Having a robust business continuity plan can mean avoiding potentially huge financial costs, reputation loss, and impact to your employees and customers. Whether it be a natural disaster, terrorism, or simply a service provider outage, it is imperative to have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. The City of Calgary learned this the hard way in 2013, when many companies were left totally inoperable for extended periods of time due to major flooding. Since then, DR has become an essential and much-talked about topic for any businesses budget, but what does a DR plan look like?

Frequent IT Support Backups 

First off, much like a ransomware attack scenario, your business will require the ability to retrieve all data from a specific, healthy point in time. This means having a frequent backup solution implemented, where in the worst-case scenario, you can rest assured that your current data is secured and you can now focus on the physical impact of a disaster.

Remote Capability

If your physical location is compromised, that shouldn’t mean you can no longer work. We recommend having the ability to seamlessly work remotely; this means access to the same software, files, data, etc. that you would have in your work place without any work sacrifice. Various Remote Access  solutions provide this capability – whether you are in the office, at home, or on a beach, you will have the exact same ability to work. This means, in the case of a disaster, all you need is internet and you will be up and running smoothly.

Client Confidence

Businesses with a DR plan also provide a level of confidence and comfort to their clients, as they know their data is securely protected and that business will operate as normally as possible. Being able to show a potential customer/client that they can put their confidence in you and that your company has a culture that values availability, could be the difference in new business or a lost customer.


It is important to take the time right now to sit back and think “what if…”, and how that looks to your overall business. If you have any questions on the robustness of your DR plan, now is the time to re-evaluate what it means to you, your company, and your clients. For information on creating a secure and stream-lined Business Continuity plan, feel free to reach out to us at info@frontiersolutions.ca or call us at 403-251-4402.

Shaun Rowsell