“Hey, all I need is an IT solution out there that I connect to and then everything else is fine.”

We hear this statement all the time but it couldn’t be further from the truth. There is real value in a secure cloud platform and IT service provider. We don’t just provide the solution in the cloud. We handle the client on-site environment and support the connectivity to the solution. We support the devices that are used to connect to the cloud. Most businesses still have an office space that they operate from where they have computers, printers, scanners, wireless networks, etc… We help to avoid the capital expenditure of replacing servers and expensive Microsoft software on a regular basis. Office 365 in no way addresses the support of that environment, whereas for us, if you’ve got a problem on your local network then we fully support that also.

Choosing the right Technology & IT Support Team

At the end of the day, technology and IT support are a fundamental component of any business. Frontier Solutions is architecting, configuring, installing, and fully supporting the entire solution. We are the one stop shop. Microsoft is a giant with slow moving parts and sometimes you can get stuck in that queue when you really need support. Even if you have a support provider they can end up being the middle man between you, the client, and Microsoft. It’s easy to feel like a small fish in a very big sea.

When you have a problem is the true test of whether you have the right solution in place or not. People are the difference. Frontier Solutions prefers or recommends solutions where we are ultimately accountable and get the opportunity to demonstrate that to our clients. We are their partner. We care about ensuring that their business is always operational. By taking out the middle man, we do everything that we can to ensure that your company is up and running as quickly as possible and best case scenario you are never down.

Shaun Rowsell