Proactive IT Support Provider

Does your IT support provide a traditional break-fix service? Having someone there to help you out if something goes wrong is essential to any business, but you could save time and money by working with a provider who not only performs those day-to-day functions but also is able to look at problems from a proactive perspective. You want your provider to say “How can we have prevented this from happening in the first place?” Because even though your IT provider may be able to fix the problem, there’s still downtime associated with every problem that’s experienced. The goal is to minimize a number of problems that you have.

What is downtime? 

Downtime is when you are not able to perform the functions that you need, whether it’s your Outlook not functioning, Word has crashed or your network is down. All the time you can’t use your systems when you need to. This affects productivity, work hours are lost and it costs the business money.

What is a proactive approach to IT solutions?

Having a proactive provider that prevents issues from happening in the first place can have many benefits. Do you want to pay an IT provider for downtime or uptime?

Your IT service should conduct proactive maintenance by running regular checks on the systems. You should look for managed service providers that provide functions such as using a malware protection agent that runs on each system.  It scans the systems after hours to ensure that if there’s malware, which is typically the biggest culprit for causing a computer to slow down, then it’s reported and we respond accordingly to clean up the system and ensure that it’s running efficiently. Your provider should be taking a proactive approach to issues by tracking all reported problems, looking for patterns and acting accordingly. They should also be up to date with all your systems and be keeping your organisation informed if anything is out of warranty, updates are needed or replacements are due.

The advantage of a proactive provider is where your managed service IT provider is approaching things from the perspective of minimizing downtime and minimizing problems is it affords the opportunity to start looking at another thing other than just being in a reactive mode. Therefore you can start looking at increasing efficiencies and scoping for products.  They can look into how they would integrate your IT infrastructure to further increase productivity such as implementing a document management system to improve on what you’re already doing. If you’re constantly in a fire-fighting mode, you’ll never have the opportunity to look at those other options.

Shaun Rowsell