The Importance of IT Infrastructure Support

You have decided to purchase or subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 based on an educated decision about what will best suit your business needs. What about your infrastructure support? While the Microsoft Office 365 price tag is cheaper it doesn’t offer the infrastructure support and security that many companies need. In this case, there is a risk involved especially in, say a legal organization setting. For example, legal companies often have customizations, Word macros, Word templates and automated processes to make their work more efficient. While the most basic version of Office 365 comes with the ability to save data using Microsoft’s cloud storage, the challenge is that it is somewhat convoluted.

Microsoft has a very unclear process of what is shared storage and what is private storage. Much of that is left up to the person who is using Office 365. It’s a mass solution that will serve the needs of a percentage of people, but if you have specific requirements about security of your information and wanting to have all of your applications, data, and line of business applications in one place, then Office 365 alone is not the right solution.

Another IT Support Option: A Private Cloud Solution

Frontier Solutions points its clients or prospects in the direction of Office 365, but warns users that thinking it’s a full replacement for in-house infrastructure is a total misconception. Microsoft Office 365 is not an all-encompassing solution because it does not have the capability, even though you’ve got your productivity applications, for running your line of business applications and your accounting software, etc… There is limited administration of where documents are stored.

A private cloud solution is basically your Office infrastructure in the cloud. We do an assessment of all of the applications that you use which typically includes Microsoft Office as well as your line of business applications. We then install the Office applications, accounting software, document management systems, and any other productivity tools that you use on a hosted server. We provide access to each of your users to the cloud solution, so there’s a workspace that can be accessed from anywhere from any device.

Benefits of a Private Cloud Solution Provider

As a hosting provider and Microsoft Partner, a private cloud solution can offer Microsoft Office via SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreement). We provide Office on a subscription basis but in a different means. The business does not have to outright purchase Office and there are no capital expenditures. There’s a monthly charge for each Microsoft product used without the one year commitment that Microsoft usually enforces. For example, if your company signs up 30 people using Office 365, you pay monthly but there’s a one-year commitment. With private cloud solution, we report usage to Microsoft each month, so even if we signed up a business for 30 users today and next month they had to let five people go, they’re not committed to paying for those additional five people. It’s very scalable.

It is a solution that can grow with your business. As an example, we took on a startup law firm a little over a year ago that started with two people and now they have seven or eight. They contacted us and said, “Hey, we’ve hired a new person.” It’s just an incremental charge as they add people. As business grows, they are able to add additional seats without having a capital expense for licensing.

100% Uptime, 24/7, 365 Days per Year

With Frontier Solutions private cloud solution, aside from being provided with a modular Office software environment, you get all of the advantages of a secure data centre with redundant internet, redundant power, and security. It provides as close to 100% uptime, 24/7, 365 days per year as can be attained. Your business can run without interruption and your employees always have access to information. People don’t just work from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm anymore.

Shaun Rowsell