Freedom From IT Support Frustrations

There are a number of key frustrations that businesses experience in terms of IT. They vary from, “Who do I call when I have a problem, why is my technology not functioning? To “I invested all this money in IT and now it’s not performing” or a common one is, “My help desk or my IT support person is not getting back to me in a timely fashion.”

Due to lack of IT expertise, businesses don’t know what to do or who to turn to when these questions arise.

Why are these IT support problems frustrating?

These issues are frustrating because they translate to downtime for the business, resulting in loss of work hours, lack of productivity and often loss of money. A business’ biggest expense is payroll. If you have employees sitting there twiddling their thumbs whilst waiting for systems to be back up and running and they can’t perform their jobs, then you’re losing money. Issues with IT can also cause businesses to lose clients and leave them vulnerable to cyber attacks.

What causes these IT support frustrations?

These frustrations would mostly come from poor design, not choosing the right technology to begin with. Also not having a company that is well-versed in the way that technology works together, how different applications work, and not having that proactive approach to how systems need to be configured to perform optimally.

The source of frustration will come from a lack of understanding of how IT works. Business owners will often be experts in their field, not in IT. It can be very frustrating to not have control over such an important aspect of your business. It is important to understand that you need a service provider that you can turn to, that is invested in your business success and will help you achieve your goals.

How can I be free of these IT support frustrations?

A Business owner needs to understand that even though you’re a business owner and you like to wear many hats, there are certain things that you’re just not equipped to do. Often, IT is one of those. Technology is an ever-changing thing, there are a lot of advancements made on a regular basis. IT requires in-depth knowledge and experience and exposure on a day-to-day basis to perform a successful IT function.

The best way to rid yourself of IT frustrations is to partner with a reputable managed IT services provider that has experience. That experience may be in their particular industry and the type of applications and technology that is prevalent in that industry. However it may be in general, a company that has IT support experience and has invested in their people and their processes to stay ahead of the game. They should be proactive about how the systems are configured to begin with and monitor the systems so that the support company is aware of problems before the end user is, and can respond accordingly.

Having a proactive provider that prevents issues from happening in the first place can be much more cost effective. Do you want to pay an IT provider for downtime or uptime? The advantage of a proactive provider is where your managed service IT provider is approaching things from the perspective of minimizing downtime and minimizing problems, it affords the opportunity to start looking at things other than just being in a reactive mode. Therefore you can start looking at increasing efficiencies and scoping for products.  They can look into how they would integrate your IT infrastructure to further increase productivity such as implementing a document management system to improve on what you’re already doing. If you’re constantly in a fire-fighting mode, you’ll never have the opportunity to look at those other options.

Shaun Rowsell