IT Support & Cybersecurity Debunked: Hackers

Since the rise of the digital age, Hollywood and other similar establishments have perpetuated various images of a "computer hacker." There's the classic "person in a dark basement surrounded by monitors," or the "person in a sweatshirt and sunglasses chilling in a coffee shop with a laptop." Computer hackers are nearly always labelled and described as some kind of genius when it comes to technology. This creates the illusion that computer hackers are rare - because how many evil geniuses with access to high-tech, military-grade equipment can there be in the world?

Turns out there may not be as many evil geniuses as we're led to believe, but there are most definitely many people with hardly more computer skills than the average person who can wreak havoc on a computer system.

It's high time the myth surrounding "evil genius hackers" is busted. The myth makes people think that their barely-protected home computer or office setup is safe from hackers, but the truth is quite the opposite. 

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Shaun Rowsell