New Year, New Threats: Cybersecurity & IT Support in 2018

Throughout the last year, numerous widespread ransomware attacks rocked large-scale companies such as Uber and Equifax. These breaches demonstrate the importance of company-wide compliance to key cyber-security measures. As we begin the new year, here are some potential threats that could affect your business.

Zero-Day Attacks

This kind of threat sneaks into a system without anyone noticing until it’s too late. It is like a new strain of the flu that is unaffected by the existing flu vaccine. Zero-day dangers slip through a system’s spam filters and anti-virus protections and can wreak havoc. To keep your system as safe as possible, make sure consistent updates are performed and that all staff are compliant to all cyber-security protocols.

Smart Device Vulnerability

More smartphones mean more chances for hackers to gain access to personal and confidential information. Mobile cyber-security is just as important – almost more important, given the widespread and constant, daily use of smartphones – as desktop cyber-security. From banking information to emails containing confidential information, our phones are like a hacker’s paradise. Now more than ever it is vital to implement measures to protect mobile communication.

Phishing Evades

Phishing is growing more and more advanced, and it’s becoming more difficult to spot impostors. Phishing is used to gain access to a user’s credentials or other personal and confidential information. Advances in technology both help and hurt its users; as phishing becomes more sophisticated, so too does the technology to spot phishing. Keep your system up-to-date and educate staff on how to spot scams.

Shaun Rowsell