Cybersecurity & Chrome: Users Beware

One of the fundamentals of cybersecurity is to know if what you're clicking is safe. Suspicious links and email attachments are well-know areas to avoid, but what about the extensions you install on your browser?

Google Chrome comes with a whole store of extensions designed by Google and third parties make your browsing experience smoother, more fun and efficient. From adding easy access to multiple bookmark lists to in-browser games, the Google Chrome extensions list grows by the day - but not all of these additions are out to help you.

Browser extensions can be just as malicious as pop-ups and suspicious links. You're installing something that has access to your browser history, logins, and browsing patterns. Think of the information you give away freely as you go about your daily browsing. What if one of your extensions was using that information for the wrong reasons?

Be mindful of the extensions you're downloading. Read reviews, do a quick search to see what people are saying. Do your best to avoid anything suspicious, and maintain your malware protection.

Shaun Rowsell