Introducing "Return on IT" (RoIT) Pricing for IT Support


Our Pricing is Really Different

(And Our IT Support Clients Love It!)

Most companies see IT as an expense and don't know if there ever could be an ROI on their IT budget. We've changed this model completely with our RoIT pricing. It all starts with what you want to spend on IT and we show you the ROI from there over time. This is broken down into 3  steps:


Do you want to save money or drive more value?

If you are already spending money on IT, we do a network audit to determine your current IT health. We then ask if you want to save money by spending less, or spend the same and get more value. If we can't show you a budget you like, you should stay with your current solution.


Do You Have a Road Map to Digital Transformation?

Over the course of time, IT should be transforming your organization for positive growth. But this doesn't happen over night and your budgets should be managed accordingly. We show you an IT investment road map towards digital transformation over time.


Pick a Fixed Monthly Plan that Works Best for You

After we have educated you on all your options, you tell us what you want to pay based on your desired ROI on the IT budget. Every quarter we then show you how to get even more RoIT and profitability through digital transformation.

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