Cloud Services based locally in Calgary, Alberta

If you are a small business, it can be difficult to find an affordable, yet secure way to connect all your data with your employees. It can be even more difficult if these employees are working from multiple locations.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could access important files on their laptop, tablet or desktop from work, home or even vacation if necessary?

This scenario isn’t a dream, nor is it costly when you decide to run your business using Frontier Solutions Secure Cloud Platform

Disasters happen when servers fail, networks get hacked and email accounts get taken over. Can your organization afford this type of downtime and embarrassment?


When you consider what businesses spend on hardware, power, software licensing, setup, support, maintenance and downtime the cost generally comes in at a MINIMUM savings of 30% with many clients greatly exceeding that! Add the benefit of working wherever you like, whenever you like on whatever device you like and you’re SAVING much more than just money with our Cloud Services – which is a huge benefit in today’s current economy.


For the most part, services performed in the Cloud are faster than on your current network infrastructure. The Cloud is faster because there is no data travelling “across the wire”. All of your computer desktops and applications are stored on the Cloud’s infrastructure, so access to data is immediate, unlike a local network, which often has to send data across the network cables. Now what will you do with all that time you save?


You can access your Cloud Services from any device. This includes your current desktop computer, iPhone or android smart phone, home computer or even that new iPad you just received as a gift! In fact, our motto for your Cloud Service is “Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device.” We guarantee it.


Our cloud servers reside in our world-class data center and are monitored 24/7/365. Providing clients the ability to work and access from anywhere means that local office disruptions or outages no longer need affect productivity. With Frontier Solutions cloud services, your office can be wherever you choose to connect from.




    Your capital expense incurred on a new server (or servers), along with, set up, the required operating system and common applications like Microsoft Office are eliminated. By using our Cloud Services, you now have an operational expense that you can plan and build a budget around.


    You no longer need to worry about power outages, hardware failures, offsite backup, and expensive maintenance fees. By using our Cloud Services, you have programs and software that are always up to date and accessible from a variety of devices.


    You no longer need to worry about costly downtime and the need to maintain applications and update them across multiple systems. By using our Cloud Services your employees have the ability to work and access from anywhere and save thousands on IT deployment and maintenance costs.