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5 Ways an MSP Can Boost Efficiency for Your Business

Whether you are using a simple mobile application or a cloud-based global supply chain management network, technology is the driving force behind every business. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further driven businesses across the globe to use technology to enable remote work, optimize workflows, and increasing digitalization. According to the 2021 State of IT survey, 76% of businesses are already planning on long-term IT changes. 

As the demand for technology grows, a lot of businesses are seeking help from managed service providers or MSPs. MSPs are tech experts that help an enterprise or organization to manage their IT needs as a third-party consultant. Not many businesses, however, are aware of the fact that MSPs can help boost the efficiency of their business. 

Here’s how an MSP can boost the efficiency of your business. 

  1. Get the Technology You Need 

Most businesses find it difficult to define the scope of technology they need and plan their IT infrastructure accordingly. Usually, non-tech business owners often don’t have the technical knowledge to make informed decisions, while many small and medium businesses can’t afford to dedicate time and resources solely for evaluating their IT services and infrastructure needs. 

With the help of a managed service provider, however, you get the advantage of making the right decisions about technology. MSPs often have the experience and knowledge required to identify your precise technology needs and provide you with suitable hardware and software. 

They often take care of everything, from purchase and installation to maintenance, update, and repair. But most importantly, MSPs make sure to provide your business with exactly what you need in a constantly evolving tech world. This proactive thinking makes sure your productivity remains high 24/7/365.

  1. Avoid Unexpected Downtime

As MSPs will procure, install, and maintain all your tech infrastructure proactively, your business stands a better chance of avoiding unexpected downtime. In 2019, 25% of respondents worldwide reported the average hourly downtime cost of their servers as being between $301,000 and $400,000.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Unexpected downtime not only brings your productivity down to zero, it also lends a serious blow to your brand reputation. Many businesses often struggle to restore their revenue and leads after a downtime, especially the ones with e-commerce websites and online lead generation strategies. 

MSPs often provide proactive maintenance to ensure all your IT infrastructure remains healthy. It helps reduce the chances of expected downtime considerably. Furthermore, most managed IT services also include data backup and recovery services. In the event your system goes down unexpectedly, the data backup and recovery strategy can help you get your business back on track quickly. The sooner you can start functioning, the fewer losses your business will have to suffer.  

  1. Get Proactive Cyber Protection 

System failures or lack of updates can cause unexpected downtime. It can also be the result of external factors such as data breaches or cyberattacks or even cyber sabotage caused by your own employees. 

According to Statista, the number of data breaches in the United States amounted to 1,473 with over 164.68 million sensitive records getting exposed in 2019, while the first half of 2020 witnessed 540 reported data breaches. According to IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach report, on the other hand, the average cost of data breaches in Canada increased 6.7% since 2019, reporting the third highest average cost of a data breach amounting to $4.5 billion.

A data breach not only results in the loss of productivity, it also breaks the trust between you and your customers. As data breaches often expose sensitive information like credit card details, your customers are less willing to do business with you if your company experiences a data breach. 

That’s why your business needs proactive cyber protection, no matter how big or small it is. A managed services provider will ensure that your IT infrastructure remains safe from both internal and external threats. 

They can also help you choose the latest firewalls, malware protection, and antivirus, depending on your business needs. All of these factors translate into a much safer IT environment that not only maintains your productivity but also helps your business grow.    

  1. Provide a Comprehensive IT Planning

Along with proactive maintenance and cyber protection, your MSP will also provide you with comprehensive IT planning. The technology landscape is ever-evolving, which means your IT infrastructure will need to keep up with these changes. Unfortunately, for most in-house IT teams, keeping up with the latest tech developments can be overwhelming. 

Your managed service provider can help you plan your entire tech infrastructure from scratch, including your IT budget. They are often capable of deciding what hardware and software your business needs, down to a simple flash drive. They are also experts in planning your IT needs for the future. 

They will provide you with regular security and maintenance reports, and also offer guidance on an upcoming tech that you could benefit from. This comprehensive planning helps you keep your productivity unaffected as your business grows. It also keeps you two steps ahead of your competitors when it comes to all things tech. 

  1. Shift Your Focus on Your Core Responsibilities 

Lastly, as your managed service provider in Calgary will take care of all your needs, your employees will be able to offer their undivided attention to their core responsibilities. If your employees are stuck with tech issues, they will quickly lose their focus, resulting in loss of your overall productivity. Furthermore, the lack of a proper response strategy in the event of a major tech issue such as a data breach will restrict your employees from taking any concrete steps to restore their productivity. 

Your MSP will have the expertise as well as the resources to handle all tech issues, whether it is an on-site or off-site problem. The immediate response from your MSP and a well-designed tech contingency plan offer much-needed peace of mind to you and your employees. This, in turn, helps you stay productive.  

Wrap Up 

In this increasingly digitalized world, your business can’t thrive without the help of technology. To get the most out of this technology, however, you need to get help from IT experts, like an MSP. Hopefully, learning about the five ways an MSP can boost your productivity will encourage you to hire a competent and experienced managed service provider. Keep in mind though, not all MSPs are made equal. So, you will need to choose yours carefully.

Chantale Benoit

Chantale Benoit is the CEO of Frontier Solutions, a Calgary IT support company that has been helping small businesses get the most from IT in a way that allows it to drive their business forward for the past 23 years. Learn more about Chantale and Frontier Solutions here.
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Chantale Benoit

Chantale Benoit is the CEO of Frontier Solutions, a Calgary IT support company that has been helping small businesses get the most from IT in a way that allows it to drive their business forward for the past 23 years. Learn more about Chantale and Frontier Solutions here.

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