With the majority of your company’s day-to-day operations being done with some sort of computer interaction, servers, networks and email security have no doubt risen to the top of your “concerns” list.

The reason:

Disasters happen when servers fail, networks get hacked and email accounts get taken over. Can your organization afford this type of downtime and embarrassment?


Why a Security System is Important

When hackers breach the defenses of huge organizations like Amazon, Apple or Citibank it makes the news. When the same cybercrime exploits hit a Calgary small or medium-sized business (SMBs), it rarely rates a mention, but that doesn’t mean small businesses don’t get hacked, or that the impact on a SMB like yours is small.

It is just as important to make sure your servers and networks are secure as it is for a larger company. If they are not secure, breaches can bring down servers and critical applications, including email, databases and other vital business applications. The cost of downtime varies depending on the industry – but in all cases it is significant.

And while your Calgary small business network faces the same threats as a large enterprise network, you don’t work with the same budgets for IT security.


Why Back Ups Are Important

You only need to think back to 2014 and the disastrous Calgary Flood to understand just one major reason backups are important. Companies never know when disasters like power surges, fires, floods or thefts will occur. That’s why it’s important to not only have a regular back up schedule but to also include back-ups in a second secure location. Having the right files and applications securely stored, along with talented staff to restore it if necessary can get your business back up on running quickly and not take that chunk off your profits.


An Affordable Solution for Calgary’s Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME’s)

In response to the increased sophistication of security threats facing SME’s Frontier Solutions has developed an affordable multi-layered data backup and security solution suitable for any small or mid-sized business.

With Frontier Solution’s comprehensive data backup and security approach, your network is protected using a consolidated multi-layered solution that is easy to afford, deploy and maintain.


Frontier Solution’s BackUp and Security Approach

  • A company-wide secure password policy that is enforced on all devices (corporate desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones) that access corporate resources.

  • A company-wide Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlining how and what company resources are to be used for during business hours.

  • A secure IT approved firewall in place with necessary security services.

  • IT approved malware protection software

  • approved spam filtering system with appropriate email attachment policies.

  • Limit or disable social media access. Social Media is “the hacker’s playground”.

  • Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery solution in place for your business to recover files should a disaster hit your business.

  • IT approved fully patched operating systems